Top 10 tips for students starting a new school year

back to school imageUsually students start a new school year with the best intentions.  Ideally these are then continued and followed throughout the school year.  Here are my top 10 tips for students starting a new school year and getting off to the best possible start.

  1. Set goals – this helps a student to know where they are headed and what they want to achieve.  Ideally a student will have both short term and long term goals they can work towards throughout the year. I usually recommend that students have both academic ie improving my english from a C to a B and personal goals ie getting my learners driving license or getting a part time job.
  2. Make the time to get organised now – at the beginning of the new school year it is important students ensure they have all the right supplies, books and equipment they need.  Also work out what physical and electronic files might be needed and set them up. Think about how any work undertaken on a device will be backed up too.  The more effort a student puts into this early will assist to set them up for the school year ahead.
  3. Set up a homework station/s – these spaces needs to be well lit, have a good chair, ensure that supplies are accessible and stations are free of distractions (ie remove devices not needed while studying).
  4. Find and use something to manage one’s timeimage of student planner– in order to stay on top and ahead students need some form of a diary or planner to help manage their workload and other activities.  Ideally this includes a term planner to see more than the current day or week ahead.  Deadlines have a habit of creeping up and can create unnecessary stress if not managed effectively.
  5.  Start the year off focused from day one – students need to remember that all assessments and tasks count towards their results and therefore need to ensure they are switched on and ready to go right from day one.  Commit to putting in the effort as a students results usually reflect the amount of effort put in.
  6. Complete all tasks to the best of their ability and hand in on time –  students need to ensure they understand all instructions and tasks and actually follow these.  Too often I also see students receive lower than expected marks because they thought they had a different or better way of doing something or they just hand work in late and marks get deducted.
  7. It is easier to keep up rather than having to catch up – it is best if a student can keep up with their school work as much as possible.  This includes being on top of all their subjects, their note taking; knowing important dates ie tests/assessments/exams and keeping up with their study and revision as they go.  If a student falls behind I recommend they use weekends, public holidays and school holidays throughout the year to try and get back on top.
  8. Studies should come before extra curricular activities – learning at school should be a students first priority.  Having said that achieving balance is also vital.  It is recommended that students ensure they have enough time to complete their studies and then they can fit other activities in around that.
  9. Seek help as requiredimage of student raising hand to ask for helpmany students shy away from asking for assistance if they don’t understand something however they should be ensuring they do this at the time they are learning a particular topic and not just prior to a test or exam as it is often then too late.  Here is blog I wrote on this particular point – click here.
  10. Avoid distractions and procrastination – where possible students should avoid distractions that interfere with them from concentrating on their studies/tasks.  I recommend that if they don’t need a device when completing their work that it be removed to another room to avoid any temptation.  Procrastination too can rob a student of time and affect their ability to complete their work to the best of their ability.  Both of these can create stress and overwhelm for students.

I trust these top 10 tips for students starting a new school year will be useful and my best wishes to students of all ages for a successful year ahead!

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