Outcomes rather than a focus on time for students

I regularly get asked by parents how many hours should my child be studying each night and on the weekend?  For something different I have put together this VLOG today which I encourage you to watch.  This VLOG is about outcomes rather than focus on time for students and I believe it is more effective to use this approach!



In this VLOG I refer to a previous BLOG I have written on this topic ‘How many hours should be child be studying‘ and I encourage you to read this too.  Another BLOG that relates as well is ‘Study is the wrong word to use‘ and is worth a read.

Finally here is a summary of the steps I mention in the video above ‘Outcomes rather than a focus on time for students’:

  1. Ask yourself ‘what do I need to get done today’? and then put together a plan that includes the tasks, the estimated time needed to complete the task and what is the outcome you need.
  2. Break down individual tasks to make them more manageable.
  3. Be accountable to what you need to get done – the plan!
  4. It’s important to be effective as you can in order to ensure you are enhancing your learning rather than wasting your time.
  5. Be productive and effective with your time.  Try not to procrastinate or get distracted.
  6. Don’t though focus on the total time but more on the time needed to achieve the outcomes.
  7. Following the session evaluate and ask yourself did I achieve what I needed to?  Was I effective with my time?  What could I change for next time?

Students please remember there is always an opportunity to learn and keep improving!

To discuss this or something else that we might be able to assist your child with please don’t hesitate to get in touch.