10 facts about Jemimah

Organising Students Image of new staff member Jemimah Wilson - 10 facts about JemimahAs a new member of the Organising Students team – here’s 10 facts about Jemimah that you might be interested to learn!

  1. Organising Students Image of Jemimah Wilson on the beach when youngerFor a good chunk of my childhood I lived on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait. My family spent so many of our weekends out on the dinghy, snorkelling and at the beach that I used to complain about it. I couldn’t imagine a better childhood now!
  2. My favourite subjects in high school were Physics and Drama — a weird mix! I loved both being creative and learning about how our world works, and couldn’t understand why you were supposed to choose between them.
  3. Like many students, I found it hard to figure out what I wanted to do straight out of Year 12. When I went to Uni I started out doing a dual Science/Arts degree majoring in Physics, Philosophy and Literature. I thought I wanted to be a scientist, but I fell in love with Philosophy and ended up dropping the Science part of my degree.
  4. In my life so far I have tutored and taught in the following contexts:
    • I taught beginner piano while I was in secondary school
    • I worked as a teacher’s aide in an English prep school during my gap year
    • While at university I worked as a peer tutor and academic mentor
    • I have taught Sunday School classes at church for years
    • I have worked as a private tutor for both primary and secondary school aged children
    • I give seminars and lectures at a Liberal Arts College
    • Now I am an Academic Life & Executive Function Coach!
  1. I got married to my husband Sean in 2020 — always to be remembered as a Covid wedding, when there were so many rules and restrictions about gatherings! We took it as an opportunity to throw out the wedding reception guidebook and reimagine what the celebration could be like.
  2. Organising Students Image of Jemimah Wilson with her organMy favourite household item is a beautiful old chord organ we found on Gumtree for $25 when we were first married (it’s like a piano accordion in the shape of a mini upright piano). Back then we didn’t have space in our tiny apartment for a full-length keyboard, and it was the closest we could get. We have room for a keyboard now but we haven’t replaced it!
  3. Organising Students Image of Jemimah Wilson swimming in the riverMy favourite place in the world to visit is Eungella, a spot up in the mountain range in North Queensland where my family goes camping every year. The river is always running, even at the hottest and driest time of year, and at the right hour of the day you might even spot a platypus.
  4. I have a Masters degree in Philosophy from Yale.
  5. I love native flowers, the colour green and paisley prints.
  6. My name wasn’t always Jemimah … for the first three years of my life I was called Sally! (Jemimah was my middle name). My parents had a change of mind — but they always say it was my decision!

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