Meet the Team

Amanda Lecaude, Academic Life Coach/Executive Function Coach & Organising Expert

Organising Students - Image of Amanda Lecaude Academic Life Coach and Executive Function CoachI am an outgoing, friendly and energetic person who enjoys life, organisation, travel and spending time with my family & friends.  I am a parent of two teenage sons who I adore though time is going by too quickly and naturally they are growing up way too fast!

I feel very passionately about ensuring all children/students have the opportunity to thrive and succeed at both school and in life and to do that they need to be equipped with the right tools, strategies and skills.

Organising Students, grew out of my previous business, Organising You, where as an organising expert, I worked with many families who primarily got me to come in to help with organisation and clutter in their homes.  The key theme was that they didn’t want to pass on any of their ‘bad habits or lack of habits’ to their children.  A little light bulb moment occurred for me at the time when my eldest son was about to go through transition to secondary school.  I approached his school to conduct a workshop for the Year 6 students around knowing what to expect, organisation and time management as I believed students needed to be prepared for such a major transition in their lives.  Organising Students was born!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a born organiser with excellent time management skills.  When I coupled these with teaching study skills, my life as an Academic Life Coach and Executive Function Coach became a reality.

Now I share my organising and time management skills with students (primary, secondary and university), parents and teachers across the globe.  And I love it!

It’s my mission to make a difference to the lives of students and their families and equip them with the tools, skills & strategies they need to succeed at both school and in life.Organising Students Motto - equipping students with the tools, skills and strategies they need to succeed both at school and in life - image of Amanda with a student

My clients tell me that the key benefits of working with me are that I:

    • am down to earth,
    • am enthusiastic and energetic
    • am open, honest and trusting
    • am non judgemental, respect confidentiality and privacy
    • share my knowledge freely throughout the process
    • can teach organising & time management skills to everyone no matter how young or old
    • have a real passion for helping others.

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I am always keen to grow and further the skills I have so I regularly undertake training and professional development from providers across the globe.  This enables me to continue to make a difference to the lives of all the students I am working with now and those I will work with in the future!



Jemimah Wilson, Academic Life Coach and Executive Function CoachOrganising Students - Image of Jemimah Wilson Academic Life Coach and Executive Function Coach

If you’d asked me a few years ago what I thought I’d be doing with my life, I might have said “working as an Academic, researching 16th century French philosophers”. I am passionate about all kinds of learning (“philosophy” just means “the love of wisdom”), and was on track to follow this passion for the rest of my life with my undergraduate research published in an academic journal and a scholarship to pursue a PhD at Yale. But life took some unexpected and very happy turns, and I changed trajectories.

Over years of studying I had the opportunity to fine-tune my approach, implementing routines to manage constant deadlines and working through extensive projects from start to finish—and I discovered that learning requires so many more skills than just absorbing information! During the Covid pandemic, while working as a high school tutor, I became increasingly aware of the limitations of a content-driven approach to aiding students’ education. It often ignores the effects of the student’s personal strengths and weaknesses, interests, habits and family support. That was when I got to know Amanda and Organising Students, through witnessing the significant help and encouragement she had been to my younger sister through her final years of high school. Organising Students’ vision for equipping students with foundational organisation and time-management skills is the essential but often-overlooked piece of the education puzzle.

I bring to the Organising Students team particular strengths in critical thinking, research processes and writing—skills which schools are increasingly emphasising in their curricula and assessments—as well as firsthand experience of the challenge of perfectionism and finding creative ways to overcome it. I have gained valuable experience as a paediatric Occupational Therapy assistant and as a Support Worker for adults with intellectual disabilities. I love working with kids of all ages, and have taught in contexts ranging from volunteer Sunday school classes, private and group tutoring, through to College seminars.

I look forward to becoming part of your child’s education team!

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Miky Smith, Academic Life Coach and Executive Function Coach

Working as a Primary and Secondary School Teacher, as well as an Instrumental Enrichment Mentor, I am now delighted to be joining the team.

I live with my husband and three teenage daughters. Parenting three elite athletes has taught me much about time management and motivation. Managing youth sport teams is a great joy for me, providing an opportunity to support coaches, athletes and their families administratively and emotionally. I am passionate about building relationships with students so that I can draw on their strengths. Being an excellent listener and communicator is a pillar of my personal philosophy.

With a diverse teaching background (Rudolf Steiner, Preshil and government schools), I have learned to draw upon a broad variety of methodologies to suit individual needs.  I bring to this role 20 years of teaching, 18 years of parenting and 49 years of life living in Australia, the UK and the USA.

Another string in my bow is the title of Instrumental Enrichment Mentor (developed by Prof. Reuven Feuerstein).  This is a program devised to improve cognitive (thinking and reasoning) functions, the building blocks of learning.

People thrive when they meet and overcome challenges. There are multitude of pathways to reach individual goals and I look forward to working with students, parents, schools and associated agencies/practitioners to bring about this success.

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Organising Students new staff member image Maxi Benson

Maxi Benson, Administration Expert

Maxi lives with her husband and youngest daughter who attends disability programs with focus on independence and exploring options in the workforce.  Olly the Cavoodle is an important member of the family, taking care of her ‘Needy Humans’, providing cuddles on demand.  Her oldest daughter is at university and working full time whilst travelling for her studies.

Maxi loves being organised, working a plan and finding easier ways to get things done.  With administrative experience in many settings, Maxi is passionate about achieving balance in health and wellbeing with productivity, happiness and satisfaction.

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