Meet Amanda

Academic Life Coach/Executive Function Coach & Organising Expert

I am an outgoing, friendly and energetic person who enjoys life, organisation, travel and spending time with my family & friends.  I am a parent of two teenage sons who I adore though time is going by too quickly and naturally they are growing up way too fast!

I feel very passionately about ensuring all children/students have the opportunity to thrive and succeed at both school and in life and to do that they need to be equipped with the right tools, strategies and skills.

Organising Students, grew out of my other business, Organising You, where as an organising expert, I work with many families who primarily get me to come in to help with organisation and clutter in their homes.  The key theme is that they didn’t want to pass on any of their ‘bad habits or lack of habits’ to their children.  A little light bulb moment for me was at the time my eldest son was about to go through transition to secondary school.  I approached his school to conduct a workshop for the Year 6 students around knowing what to expect, organisation and time management as I believed students needed to be prepared for such a major transition in their lives.  Organising Students was born!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a born organiser with excellent time management skills.  Several years ago when I coupled this with teaching study skills, my life as an Academic Life Coach and Executive Function Coach became a reality.

Now I share my organising and time management skills with students (primary, secondary and university), parents and teachers across the globe.  And I love it!

It’s my mission to make a difference to the lives of students and their families and equip them with the tools, skills & strategies they need to succeed at both school and in life.Organising Students Motto - equipping students with the tools, skills and strategies they need to succeed both at school and in life - image of Amanda with a student

My clients tell me that the key benefits of working with me are that I:

    • am down to earth,
    • am enthusiastic and energetic
    • am open, honest and trusting
    • am non judgemental, respect confidentiality and privacy
    • share my knowledge freely throughout the process
    • can teach organising & time management skills to everyone no matter how young or old
    • have a real passion for helping others.

Don’t just take my word for it click here to see what others have to say.

I am always keen to grow and further the skills I have so I regularly undertake training and professional development from providers across the globe.  This enables me to continue to make a difference to the lives of all the students I am working with now and those I will work with in the future!