How we can help

Our services are all about equipping students (both neurotypical and those with learning challenges) with simple and effective organisational, time management and study skills which are key to their success and enjoyment at school and in life. In the process it is also about removing stress and anxiety for students (& parents) and keeping them engaged and focused in their learning no matter what year level, what school they go to and where they reside.

Services focus on the 5 key elements of student success and include 1:1 coaching, workshops, webinars, content development, BLOGs and other written communications to support students, parents & teachers in both home and school environments.

Primary & Secondary Students
Individual 1:1 Student Coaching & Workshops
Through coaching 1:1, and conducting workshops for larger groups, Our Team teaches students the necessary skills, tools and strategies they need to ensure they are supported to be successful and independent on both their academic and life journeys.
Parent Coaching & Workshops
Our Team regularly coaches parents and conducts workshops to provide support to parents of students (primary, secondary or tertiary) on how best to support them, answer burning questions they’d love answers too and specific advice on how to deal with certain situations
Lesson Plan Content Development & Workshops
Amanda has extensive experience in working with schools (primary & secondary) in the development of lesson plans, teacher education and conducting both student & parent workshops. Learn more about how she can support your school community too!
University Students
Individual 1:1 Life Coaching
Through coaching 1:1 we work with University Students to ensure they have all the necessary skills, tools and strategies to be successful and independent with their further studies. This can apply to students transitioning to University, those who feel they need to fine tune their skills and mature age students.
Speaking at Workshops or Conferences
Amanda is a regular speaker at a variety of conferences, workshops and panels and is becoming well known for her expert knowledge and experience in the key topics of organisation, time management and study skills for students.
One off 1:1
Supporting Students with a variety of 1:1 sessions
Supporting students (& parents) - We provide support through a variety of one hour 1:1 coaching sessions for students including how to prepare for exams and how to become an independent learner.