Top Learning and Productivity Apps

We are frequently asked by parents for app recommendations, for anything ranging from assistive technology for neurodivergent students to more simple productivity tools.  By way of a more comprehensive answer, here is a list of digital tools that may be useful to students across a variety of spaces in school […]

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Overcoming perfectionism

Organising Students Overcoming Perfectionism - Image that says Don't let great get in the way of good

In the last blog post we defined perfectionism as the tendency to adopt unrealistic or unnecessarily high expectations about one’s standard of work, and discussed how to identify it as a problem for students.  In today’s post we’ll consider a few strategies for overcoming perfectionism. Like anything that requires changing […]

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10 facts about Jemimah

Organising Students new team member image of Jemimah Wilson

As a new member of the Organising Students team – here’s 10 facts about Jemimah that you might be interested to learn! For a good chunk of my childhood I lived on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait. My family spent so many of our weekends out on the dinghy, […]

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10 facts about Maxi

Organising Students new staff member image Maxi Benson

As a new member of the Organising Students team – here’s 10 facts about Maxi that you might be interested to learn! 1. I’m not the ‘coolest’ in my family Olly is the coolest member of my family – she looks super chilled laying around and has a vicious enthusiasm […]

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5 Ways to Support your Child through Year 12

Organising Students - Year 12 students with teacher

If you have a child in Year 12 in 2023, then you know that life is about to shift gears — not only in their role as a student, but in your role as a parent too!  The final year of secondary schooling brings special challenges and opportunities.  Here are […]

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