How to select a Secondary School

I regularly get asked by parents what my thoughts are in relation to selecting a secondary school for their child.  My initial response is usually to do your research and then to go with your gut feel.  Usually what you think and feel will be the right choice and spot […]

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Learn why students can get stressed

Image of stressed student at his desk - learn why students can get stressed

Why does it suddenly seem stressful in your household? Often parents notice changes but at are a loss to explain why their child: is getting stressed and overwhelmed; not achieving the grades they were before; or is having arguments with them about grades and homework. Does this sound like your […]

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How to support your child through the transition journey

Many Year 6 students start to worry about secondary school at the beginning of Term 1, and these concerns often escalate throughout their final year of primary school. Students’ concerns are often mirrored in the family, with emotions swinging from excited to unsettled, particularly when a family is going through […]

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Big School Ready – transition to primary school

transition to primary school

Your child is growing up and it’s getting close to the time for you to start thinking about, or preparing for, their next journey in life by selecting or attending a primary school. Starting school for the first time is a big change for your child and your whole family.  […]

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Transition to Secondary School

Transition to secondary school is a significant event in the lives of students.  It is a time of immense change – physical, social and emotional wellbeing.  Loaded on top then comes the demand of adjusting to a secondary school environment including higher academic and organisation needs. As we approach this transition […]

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