Students must back up!

“Do you regularly back up your school laptop?”  When I ask this question of students, the answer is invariably they have no idea.  In most cases after further investigation, they are often just saving files to the desktop or to a drive on their laptop. If you are one of […]

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Students and experiencing the dip

a road image with lots of dips to demonstrate - Students and experiencing the dip

Many students actually experience ‘the dip‘ from time to time.  Parents will usually be the first to notice and won’t necessarily always be able to put their finger on exactly what is happening. So what is ‘the dip’? Usually students have the desire to want to do as well at […]

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How to select a Secondary School

I regularly get asked by parents what my thoughts are in relation to selecting a secondary school for their child.  My initial response is usually to do your research and then to go with your gut feel.  Usually what you think and feel will be the right choice and spot […]

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