10 Habits of Effective Students

Organising Students - Image of students in a classroom sitting around learning

Have you ever given any thought into what the key 10 habits of effective students are? For some students these habits are natural steps that don’t require any thought or effort but for the majority of students they often need to be learned and developed in order to assist with […]

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The forgetting curve

Organising Students - The Forgetting Curve

The forgetting curve is such an important tool that all students need to know about when it comes to learning.  It can really help them to achieve better results! Regularly students tell me that they feel they understand and know their subject content only to find in test or exam […]

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Students do well if they can

Students do well if they can - image of the words listen har understand - organising students

What do I mean by ‘students do well if they can‘?  At the end of the day I personally believe that no student goes out of their way to fail or not do as well as they can. Too often parents rush to find an answer to questions like why: […]

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