10 Benefits of studying in a group

image of students studying in a group

Many students ask me whether they should work in groups when preparing for tests or exams.  My response is yes and that there are at least 10 benefits of studying in a group if planned at the outset.  Such sessions can be really useful if prepared for and done well.  […]

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Why do students cram when it comes to exams?

Image of students sitting an exam - Organising Students - Everyday is different when working with students

So let me ask you why do students cram when it comes to exams?  With mid year exams around the corner in the Southern Hemisphere and final exams in the Northern Hemisphere approaching, I thought it was a good time to have a discussion around cramming and exams.  In my […]

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Students – here’s what to do after exams

Pass or fail - what students should do after exams

This BLOG has a few different parts to it for students.  The first is for what students should do when they finish completing an exam, the second what they should do when they finish all their exams for the year and finally how to deal with exam results.  Keep reading […]

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