10 facts about me

Let’s have some fun as we near the end of the year – here’s 10 facts about me that you might be interested to learn! I can speak Japanese and I spent 12 months as an exchange student in Japan in 1988.   Returning from Japan, I completed Yr 12 Japanese […]

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10 Benefits of studying in a group

image of students studying in a group

Many students ask me whether they should work in groups when preparing for tests or exams.  My response is yes and that there are at least 10 benefits of studying in a group if planned at the outset.  Such sessions can be really useful if prepared for and done well.  […]

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Students and experiencing the dip

a road image with lots of dips to demonstrate - Students and experiencing the dip

Many students actually experience ‘the dip‘ from time to time.  Parents will usually be the first to notice and won’t necessarily always be able to put their finger on exactly what is happening. So what is ‘the dip’? Usually students have the desire to want to do as well at […]

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Answering a question with a question

Have you ever come across the term ‘answering a question with a question?’ In my early days of academic life coaching I remember Leslie Josel, an academic coach herself based in the US, discuss this in a webinar I participated in.  This has stuck with me since that time and […]

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