10 Habits of Effective Students

Organising Students - Image of students in a classroom sitting around learning

Have you ever given any thought into what the key 10 habits of effective students are? For some students these habits are natural steps that don’t require any thought or effort but for the majority of students they often need to be learned and developed in order to assist with […]

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Start 2016 more organised – 5 tips

At the start of every new year I usually have several calls from people who want to get more organised.  Does this sound like a goal of yours?  Personally I love the fact that this time of year people start talking about getting more organised.  Everyone has good intentions at the […]

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Students and Time Management

This month I participated in this Students and Time Management – Professional Organisers Blog Carnival put together by one of my professional organising colleagues Janet Barclay based in the US.   Click Here to read my BLOG about tips on setting up a homework environment that I contributed.  You can also read […]

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