Taking the Leap to Secondary School in 2025

Thursday 24 October 2024 7:00 pm start


Transitioning to secondary school is a significant event for students. It’s a time of immense change in their physical, social and emotional wellbeing. On top of this then comes the demand of adjusting to a secondary school environment including higher academic and organisation needs.

This interactive workshop is designed to open the door for students to a simple, structured and adaptable system for time and diary management, provide ideas on how they can start preparing now and decrease stress for both students and their families. Students will be provided with tips and strategies on how to cope with the move to secondary school and learn basic organisational skills.

Topics covered include:

  • organisation and time management
  • feelings & expectations
  • the importance of a planning tool/s to manage time & tasks
  • what students need to organise in their academic lives
  • key differences at secondary school
  • having an effective study area
  • friendships and tips on making new friends

“Luke and I went to Amanda’s workshop before he started year 7 this year. Luke is a kid that needs time to take in new things, and this was invaluable to him settling into year 7 sooner rather then later. Highly recommended for all children transitioning to year 7 next year.”

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