Raves & reviews

“Thanks for helping my son today he actually set an alarm for this morning …I can’t tell you how many years I’ve been asking him to set an alarm, suggested it again last night and can’t believe he actually did it. Blew me away … small achievements!!

He found it helpful talking to you today, thank you.

My daughter is working hard now albeit a bit slow but she’s trying hard and been going into school and the library with a friend which has really helped. She’s even sought help from some teachers. So rewarding to see how far she’s come. I actually can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done you’ve made such a difference to how she is now able to approach her studies and be able to ask for help sometimes. It’s been a struggle but she’s getting there.

Thanks Amanda you’re an absolute star ⭐😊

Parent University Student and Year 12 Student – we work with both

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jemimah, you have no idea the impact you’re having with my daughter. The fact that she wants to do sessions with you is huge. Then she is actually taking advice and implementing some of the strategies you’re suggesting. I didn’t think she would be so on board. She has NEVER taken advice from any therapists in many years.

Last night, after speaking with you, I gave her the option of dinner straight away to have a break and then do her English or work on English for a while and then have dinner as a break. She chose to work on English straight away. She then pumped out 500 words in about 45 minutes! She took your advice of timing herself and drafting. She wasn’t happy that it wasn’t her usual high quality because it was taking a long time to edit. However, I reminded her that you said it would take time before she noticed it getting easier and more effective.

She sat with me for about an hour editing her work (which was fun, as I was suggesting ridiculous words as options so she was able to have a laugh) and then continued by herself until it was done.

After your session ended, she acknowledged that you are really nice and you know exactly what it’s like for her. She has enormous respect for you. Thank you once again!’

Year 11 Parent, 2023
“I just want to thank you again for your support this year.  You have no idea how much stress you have taken off us as parents.  I feel that we have really survived (and thrived) this year as a family because you were there to consistently discuss strategies and next steps with our son.  These types of conversations are so much more pleasant and fruitful when not between the child and parent. This also meant that our relationship has not been put under strain because of VCE, and here we are, at the end of the year… still smiling and living with lots of hope.

Our son was pleased to get his offer from Monash a few days ago (for double Science and Engineering) which he is in the process of accepting.

Thank you for everything you’ve done, and we wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas break!”
Year 12 Parent, 2022

“I would like to say thanks for your support of our son’s learning and for all your efforts in helping him towards his VCE exams.  It has been a memorable year for him, and I cannot imagine how he would have coped if you hadn’t been there to guide him. Without a doubt, our family environment has been a lot calmer this year because you were there to scaffold his organisation and planning.  And our son felt more confident in his exams because you encouraged him to go through more practice papers than he would have otherwise.

Thank you Amanda. I hope that you get a bit of time to relax over the holidays, and we hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas break!”

Lydia Wan, Year 12 Parent, 2022

“My son is definitely making progress. With each meeting the 2 of you have together, he gains a greater understanding regarding why he’s struggled in the past. Last night we spoke about a combination strategy that he feels could work well. He’ll begin to create cue cards as he goes, with the cards being green, yellow and pink (the traffic light strategy). I think the more strategies you offer, the more combinations we’ll find that work well together.

I’ve also discussed with Max one of his greatest hurdles – his serious sense of wonder. He’s and extremely wonderful or wonder filled person who just can’t help himself at times. He can start his homework when suddenly something will come to mind which will lead him to wonder. He’ll spend some time researching what he’s wondering about, which leads to other things to wonder about, instead of him refocusing on his homework. I think you may have mentioned some time back something along the lines of…if something is of interest, allocate time to return to it later, after homework is completed.

Onwards and upwards, with much thanks to you!”

Year 11 Parent, 2022
“Thanks for a great session with my son – lots of encouragement & strategies. My son gave me some fabulous feedback afterwards & feels positive about the growing plan to move forward.

The session notes are really practical and it was so good to see my son share with us how he has used your ideas to date. We look forward to catching up again soon.”
Year 12 Parent 2022
“Thanks for working with my daughter today. I was really pleased she’d organised to see you as I didn’t tell her to. She just decided on her own it would be a good idea (some signs of growing maturity!) She’s like a whole new student since starting on medication.
Her SAC results have been excellent (100 % for an English SAC, 97% for Maths,87%for Indonesian) and I’ve noticed she now has the motivation to follow through on the techniques you’ve taught her as well. She’s writing lists, colouring her timetable, etc.
So, however she goes in the final exams I’m now confident she’ll have the skills for uni. I think the combination of the meds and then the organisation skills is the winning combo for her.”
Parent of current Year 12 student (2021)

‘As someone who really struggled to find the motivation to study, having someone like Amanda to help me through my secondary school and VCE studies was extremely beneficial as she was someone who would hold me accountable and help me schedule my time, making it easier to start the revision process. She was also able to give me lots of useful study tips and provided support during a stressful time.’

Emily Hoyle, Year 12 student in 2020

I wanted to let you know how well our son is doing.

The support you gave our son last year and this year has launched our boy to be a happy chappy at uni. Thank you sooooo much!!!!

Words really can’t express the impact you have made. Thank you Amanda.

Our son has underloaded this semester and it’s working for him.
After your suggestion to ask disability services what they offer, we did ask.
It turns out they had a support person they could allocate for a weekly meetup. His support person is really helping. Thank you for the suggestion Amanda.

As his mum, it’s been a delight to watch him grow under your guidance.

Veronica Kennedy, mother of 1st year uni student in 2021

“You are such a precious resource and we feel so blessed to have you facilitate our son’s learning!

I have read your session notes (which are great), and I like how you leave our son with just a couple of things to apply for the coming fortnight. Having just a few key items to take away like this helps him (I think) with recalling and actioning them.

I also love your tip sheets, and look forward to asking our son to tell us more about them on the weekend”

Parent, Year 11 student in 2021

I just wanna say that I listened to Rob Cugno’s podcast that you featured in on my way to the airport this morning and it was amazing!  So honoured to have been able to have your guidance throughout year 11 and 12!  Every year 12 student can learn so much off you and gain skills for life!  You’ve had a marvellous career and will continue to have one!  Thanks for everything!

Will Hurley – Year 12 student in 2019

“Thanks for organising Amanda to speak to us last night. We found it really informative and picked up some great tips, particularly about getting organised! Our son came home full of ideas and enthusiasm too.”

Feedback from a parent who recently attended one of the many parent sessions on supporting Year 6 students on the journey from primary to secondary school that I have been running.

Year 6 parent from Yea Primary School – November 2020
“This parent tip sheet is brilliant!  As I read through I made dot points of what I was thinking.  Your tips are comprehensive without being overwhelming or confusing, and very doable.
Thank you, a great reminder and also covers new ground I think many parents have simply missed!
These are the words I noted in the margin as I read through. I think they really highlight how awesome your tips are, qualities we want in our kids and every human!
  1. Receptive, mindful, considered
  2. Positive focus
  3. Empowerment
  4. Stakeholder – invested in process, validation
  5. Promote self awareness – identify own strengths and weaknesses
  6. Mutual respect – modelling
  7. Communication – shared understanding
  8. Engagement – collaborative approach
  9. Guided problem solving, not fixing
  10. Reciprocative validation, support confidence
  11. Awareness and impact of working environment
  12. Develop good habits
  13. Responsibility and accountability.”
Maxi Benson, mother of a student in Year 7 – August 2020

“I loved your tip sheet this week and it was just the reminder I needed.  I feel like the stress has gone to another level since stage 4 lockdown (due to Covid 19) was announced and the kids are so over it and feeling caged.  There were so many points in your tip sheet that definitely struck a chord with me especially assuming best intentions and being aware of nagging.  I feel like I can fall into bad habits with both of these things from time to time, especially when stressed.  I also love the answering a question with a question and asking what do you know. B oth of these strategies will come in particularly helpful with my younger boys. So glad I took the time to read through as I’m feeling a lot more positive and it’s has helped me to take a step back and put things into perspective!”

Samantha Fletcher, Parent of Year 6 and Year 8 students
“I just thought I would touch base with you regarding my meeting with my daughter’s school yesterday….
They wanted to discuss her past 4 redemptions & also her improvement in her assessments over the last few weeks. They asked me what I think contributed to her improvement & all I could think of was, YOU! 🙂
I mentioned how you had been working with her & doing wonders in keeping her focused, organised & more prepared for her assessments! Thank you!! The teachers were definitely impressed & I dropped your name several times during the meeting!”


Feedback from a parent of one of my Year 11 students who just needs a bit of self confidence which she is getting from using right tools and strategies when it comes to managing her time and tasks.
Parent of a Year 11 student 2020

“Tonight my son gave us a dinner and learn lesson on what you taught him about the Learning Cycle.  He was excited about his new knowledge.  Thank you Amanda.  You’re making such a difference”.

Feedback from a parent of one of my Year 12 students who is a delight to teach and is really taking on board the tools and strategies being given to him.

Parent of a Year 12 Student 2020

“Awesome email !!!
Soooo much information.
Be proud, You are doing a wonderful job”

This was a message I received following my Term 2 2020 newsletter that was sent out.

Tracy Dobson, parent of both primary and secondary aged boys – April 2020

“I actually engaged Amanda’s expertise for the transition workshop last year for a group of year 6 parents and children.  They loved it and so did we as parents.  I wish all schools offered this to year 6 children so worth it!  My daughter got a lot from this workshop – thanks Amanda”

Carolyn Doyle, Parent – Sept 2019

“Clear, concise, examples (when discussing bullet points), analogies, variety of context, video presentations, photo/picture samples, suited a wide range of students – there’s bound to be something that works for each individual – In other words your presentation had everything”

Year 9 Parent, Maribrynong Secondary College – March 2019

“OMG it was life changing. My son did his maths chapter in half the time he usually takes! He says it really helped.”

This feedback was received after using the time timer for the first time. They really are great to help children manage their time and to get started!”


Nicole, mother of a Year 8 student in 2018
“I just wanted to let you know how valuable we found the transition workshop on 25/10/2018.
My son, Sam, is starting next year. I saw him enter your workshop with apprehension and nervousness, but was pleased to see him leaving much more at ease and armed with some tools to help him get organised in secondary school. I think one of the most valuable messages you shared was that they are not alone; others have the same worries, thoughts and experiences as them when embarking on the journey into secondary education.
The take home tip sheets are a great ready reference which simplifies the key messages; I’m sure they will be helpful reminders. Also the references to diary/schedule apps, and guideline on the the amount of homework to expect and how to approach scheduling home work to meet the due date.
On a practical note, we will be using the my zipper binders to get organised (I had heard of these, but could not visualise how they would be used until you explained!). I have also started asking more questions of my children (eg. what do you need to get done tonight) rather than telling them. I can see their satisfaction when they can come up with the answers on their own.
We also attended with our daughter Ellen, who is in year 5. She too was very interested in the content and is keen to practice using a diary from next year, so hopefully we can get her into good habits early.
Thanks again for an insightful and practical workshop. You delivered a lot of information in a short amount of time and in a way that was very relatable and helpful.”
Anne-Maree, Parent of Year 5 and Year 6 students

“Great practical solutions, useful strategies, great reminders, fantastic takeaways that can be put into practice straight away” – feedback from attendees on my workshop on The Importance of Organisation and Time Management for students

Attendee Feedback, National Education Summit

“One of my contractors told me about Amanda and her services and raved about her. I asked for her number because I could see how incredibly useful she could be to me and my business. But she turned out to be much more! A truly multi-dimensional woman, who has so many different skills sets. She has been invaluable to me, both with my business and with my family. Not only did she assist with developing systems and processes for my business, she has also started working 1:1 with my secondary school aged children. With my twins in the process of completing Year 11, Amanda quickly identified the key areas of time management, organisation and study skills they could benefit from learning. She is now working with them to equip them with the all the necessary tools and strategies to set them on a path for success both academically and for life. I cannot recommend Amanda more highly and look forward to working with her for a long time to come.”

Cate Whyte, CEO Floret Building Renovations & Mum of 16 year old twins

“I recently attended your Year 7 parent workshop at St Bernard’s College and picked up some great tips and also gained some satisfaction that my son is implementing some of the tips you mentioned as well! Surprisingly it also helped me out with some strategies with my 9 year old son who is a bit of a dreamer and procrastinator when it comes to school work!”

Year 7 & 9 Parent – St Bernard’s College

“Your transition workshop was great & my son definitely came away feeling a lot more confident about transitioning.  He’s been bugging me ever since to get to Officeworks for his stationery, we will do that today!  He has my yearn for being organised, we now just need to get really set up with his desk, folders, clock etc… so thanks for doing what you do!”

Nicole Jamieson, Year 6 parent

“A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I am no longer scared and confused about going to secondary school – I am now excited and happy to be going. I hope you can come again next year to help the next students that are going through the same trauma”.

Year 6 Student at Moonee Ponds West PS on transitioning to secondary school

“I attended Amanda’s ‘Taking the Leap to Secondary School’ Workshop and even though I have a son that currently goes to Maribyrnong College who has been through the transition phase from Primary to Secondary School I found the session invaluable.  There were ideas and hints to make it easier for my youngest son and us as a family to assist with this important transition phase.  I would recommend this workshop to all parents and Year 6 children to make them feel more at ease and aware of the changes and expectations as a Year 7 student.”

Anne Adams, Year 6 Parent, Moonee Ponds West Primary School

“Amanda ran a to the point transition workshop that helped both parents and students understand what to expect from secondary school.  Amanda was very friendly, easy going and likeable, allowing parents and students the opportunity to speak freely about their concerns.  Students and parents left the workshop with a smile on their face and with a better indication of what to expect in the year to come”

Danielle – Year 6 teacher – St. John’s XXIII Primary School

“The study skills sessions facilitated by Amanda Lecaude at Organising Students strive to build up positive learner attitudes towards working hard, but smart, by using various study skills and techniques – there are significant benefits for not only the students, but subsequently, for teachers as well”.

Megan Rawlins, Assistant Principal, Mount Alexander College

Belinda Fischer, parent of student who completed the Student Success Program

Hi Amanda, just wanted to say that my daughter and I really enjoyed the workshop last week (10 Nov 2016).  She feels confident for transitioning into high school next year.  Great tips and information to help her with this process. Thanks so much!

Mieke Krijgsman, Year 6 parent, Essendon Primary School

The organising workshop was practical and included elements of transition which are relevant to all Year sixes, regardless of their chosen school.

It provided them with different skills they would need, a useful video of year 7s talking about what they faced and it definitely got our students thinking about secondary school earlier than they otherwise would have.

Year 6 teacher, Parkwood Green Primary School

Thank you for the transition workshop – it was very useful and I am glad I came with my son.

He seems much calmer about the whole process now and he really liked the practical tips, especially around homework as that is a major worry for him.

Carmen, Year 6 parent

My son now feels more prepared about going to secondary school after the transition workshop and he found the diary/planner exercise very useful to learn how to plan and manage his time.  He also gained many other tips from the workshop that he can put into practice next year.

Thank you for a fantastic workshop which has reduced a little of his anxieties about what to expect and as a parent this is a relief.

Karen, parent of Year 6 student

Louise, Parent of Year 7 Student

“We found Amanda to be likeable, friendly and helpful.  We felt Amanda understood well the complexities of a busy life as she is a busy parent too!

We asked Amanda to meet with our daughter, Charlotte to help her become more organised.  Charlotte has a very busy schedule with not only school work but also a busy and demanding sports training schedule.

Amanda took the time to sit and talk with us and Charlotte about her current timetable and how it was not really working effectively.  Amanda devised a plan and timetable that was not only efficient and easy to follow but also helped Charlotte work towards achieving her goals and helped her feel so much more in control of her time.

Amanda also suggested we change the study to make it more functional, less cluttered, lighter and more comfortable for Charlotte to sit and complete her school work, which we did.  We now have a lovely study that not only looks great but Charlotte enjoys being in.

We found the overall experience to be a positive influence for Charlotte and it certainly helped us as parents, having a child feel so much more in control of her busy schedule.

We look forward to Amanda’s continuing help as Charlotte begins the new school year.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Amanda to other parents with children that have busy schedules, who perhaps need some help with their planning. Amanda is definitely the one to help you”.

Belinda and Simon (parent of Charlotte a Year 8 Student at Maribyrnong Secondary College)

“I liked the way Amanda made me feel, comfortable and at ease.  She listened to me and she understood what help I needed.  She made a plan for me which I found easy to follow and helpful.  I went from feeling overwhelmed to in control of my schedule.

My study at home was dark and quite cluttered and she suggested to my parents that they change it to be lighter and fresher, which they did.  I now have my own study space that enables me to work quietly and happily in.

It is now the new school year and I am looking forward to meeting with Amanda to help me again to plan out my busy schedule.  Thanks Amanda for all of your help!”

Year 8 Student, Maribyrnong Secondary College

“My son told me he thought your presentation to the students was extremely helpful and that he felt much more organised for high school now.  As a parent I thought the handouts were great, succinct and to the point.  The tips for parents in particular were a useful reminder to follow up on now and in the new year.  I love that my son is feeling less anxious after your presentation.  Thank you for the positive impact it has had on both of us.”

Student and parent from “Getting Organised for Transition Presentation” Moonee Ponds