Parent workshops

If Amanda is conducting workshops for students, then where possible, it is useful to also conduct workshops for parents so they too are given clear ways they can support their children or students on their academic journey.

Amanda’s audiences, particularly parents, appreciate her content rich tips and strategies enabling them to be better equipped to face the challenges they and their children confront today.

Workshop Topics and ProgramsImage of Amanda presenting to an audience

Amanda is committed to educating parents too so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the areas of organisation, time management and study skills.

Please keep reading below for sample parent specific workshops – naturally these can be tailored to the specific needs or ages of students as required.

Amanda regularly conducts parent workshops through schools and parent committees as well as in the community and via webinars.

The importance of time management & organisation for students
All primary and secondary years

This signature workshop focuses on:

  • understanding what time management really means
  • why it’s an important skill at school and in life
  • in order to ‘manage time’ students need to be able to ‘see time’
  • how to avoid procrastination
  • how to manage distractions including technology
  • providing tips and strategies to ensure students can implement these skills for success.

A great workshop for parents as well to not only know how to support your child but ensure you too are efficient and effective with your own time.

How to solve homework battles and ensure success

Is homework often the source of battle in your home as it is with most families?  This workshop is about ensuring parents are equipped with the necessary tips, tools and strategies to assist their child to not only complete their homework but with minimal stress for all.

Supporting your child through the senior years (years 9-12)

This workshop is designed to ensure parents are on the same page when it comes to increased workloads students face in their senior years at secondary school.  It also provides awareness of all the necessary tools and strategies students will need to put in place to succeed.  Learn practical tips and strategies to support your child including:

  • creating a study routine
  • organisation
  • time management/prioritisation
  • mindset
  • procrastination, motivation and managing distractions
  • stress and anxiety management
  • the learning/study cycle
  • study skills and strategies.

For more information on community parent workshops click here or alternatively please    get in touch