Taking the Leap to Secondary School Workshop


The ‘Taking the Leap to Secondary School‘ workshop

Transitioning to secondary school is a significant event for students and their families. It’s a time of immense change – physical, social and emotional wellbeing.  Loaded on top then comes the demand of adjusting to a secondary school environment including higher academic and organisational needs.

It’s not surprising that our children can feel apprehensive and overwhelmed at times!

OYStudent-ImageOnly-WorkshopsThe “Taking the Leap to Secondary School” Workshop opens the door to a simple, structured and adaptable system for time & diary management, along with a bit of preparation work, and decreases stress for both students and parents.

There are two workshops in this series with the first designed to be run in conjunction with a Primary School’s Transition Program for Year 6 students or a Secondary School’s Year 7 program.  It is a 1 hour interactive session and focuses on tips and strategies for how to cope with the move to secondary school. It is designed to equip students with skills to maximise their potential @ school and in life.  The workshop:

  • prepares students on what to expect
  • increases their awareness and knowledge
  • reassures them of their feelings and that they are not alone
  • decreases their anxiousness
  • assists them to be more confident, less overwhelmed and scared about the process
  • gives them strategies for successful transitions
  • increases their skills so they can be more independent and responsible.

The second workshop is designed for parents and how they can support their child through the transition journey.  Practical tips and strategies are provided during this session.

Amanda has successfully implemented this program for many primary schools across Victoria now for several years.

For schools  – if you are interested in running this workshop please    get in touchor give me a call – 0409 967 166

For Parents if you and your Year 6 child are interested in attending a Workshop then click here for details.    Alternatively these sessions can be run 1:1 with students/parents in your own home – if this is of interest to you please   get in touch.

eBooks – supporting students and parents in taking the leap to secondary school


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Don’t just take our word for the success of these workshops see below:

“Luke and I went to Amanda’s workshop before he started year 7 this year. Luke is a kid that needs time to take in new things, and this was invaluable to him settling into year 7 sooner rather then later. Highly recommended for all children transitioning to year 7 next year.” Carmen 

“Amanda ran a to the point workshop that helped both parents and students understand what to expect from secondary school. Amanda was very friendly, easy going and likeable, allowing parents and students the opportunity to speak freely about their concerns. Students and parents left the workshop with a smile on their face and with a better indication of what to expect in the year to come” Danielle St. John’s XXIII Primary School 

“The organising workshop was practical and included elements of transition which are relevant to all Year sixes, regardless of their chosen school” – Year 6 teacher Parkwood Green Primary School

“It was useful to learn about diaries and managing time because if I had a big amount of work and I didn’t know that, I would get very stressed” – Year 6 student

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