Supporting students and parents with transition

These comprehensive eBooks provide greater understanding of what to expect in taking the leap to secondary school.

Both are full of tips and strategies to increase the chances of a smooth and successful transition including:

  • the key differences between primary and secondary school;
  • reassurance about thoughts and feelings and that they are not alone;
  • other key tips including tips from their peers;
  • an understanding of the fundamental skills students need to develop to become more independent and responsible; and
  • guiding parents on how to support their child.
quote from an educator saying that these ebooks will be a great resource to students and families in taking the leap to secondary school

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Thanks for sending your eBooks through, they look like resources that many parents might find helpful. I wish you all the best in your endeavours and appreciate the work you are doing to help support students and their families in the transition from primary to secondary school”

“The move to secondary school feels less daunting after reading Amanda’s thorough guides for parents and students. This is advice that will reach beyond high school and into careers.”

“Amanda includes practical, informative and thought provoking information in her eBook. This resource is real, covers all bases and enables families to be prepared for the exciting, yet often daunting, transition from Primary to Secondary school.”

“Great books to dip into whether you have a confident, organised ‘raring to go’ Year 6 student or one who is grappling a bit with the change!”

“Thank you for taking the stress away that I was feeling about going to secondary school and making friends.”

Taking the Leap to Secondary School workshops for students and parents

Amanda regularly conducts workshops for students in Year 6 & 7 and parents within the school environment or externally.