University Students: Individual Coaching

The transition to university education can challenge even the most proficient student.

Organising Students - top tips for attending university for the first time - group of students chattingWhether you are starting straight from Secondary School, moving out of home for the first time, or returning to study as a mature aged student, University places high demands on every student’s organisation, time-management and focus.  And for students with Executive Function challenges or learning difficulties—such as those with ADHD, ASD or Dyslexia—these demands are heightened.

If you find that you…

  • seem to have much more free time than you used to have, but get much less done
  • don’t know where to go for help when you need it
  • are struggling without the routine of a school or work environment
  • find it hard to balance your studies with the pressures of a busy life
  • are spending your exam period cramming the lectures you missed

…an Academic Life Coach could be the extra support you need!


We help Uni students flourish by:

  • understanding and working with them to meet their individual goals for their studies
  • implementing planning tools to manage their weekly timetables and semester due dates
  • helping them establish the routines and habits to make the most of their university schedule
  • assisting them to develop and use the independent learning and self-advocacy skills required in a university environment
  • enhancing their study skills and tools to enable them to study “smarter”
  • supporting students with diverse needs to liaise with the Disability Services at their university to receive special considerations, accommodations and otherforms of support.


What are the steps involved to get started for University Students: Individual Coaching?

Step 1 – contact us for a brief consultation and to learn more.

Step 2 arrange the initial hour-long 1:1 session (online via zoom) with the student to discuss the student’s goals and objects and what is important to them.  In this session the coach will focus on gaining a clear picture of the student’s challenges, and by the end of the session the student will also have some an idea of some first steps to action.

Step 3 – from there the coaching will continue with 30-minute or 1 hour sessions which can be scheduled according to the student’s needs throughout the semester/year.

How do sessions  work?

All sessions run for 30 minutes or 1 hour and are conducted virtually so students can be located anywhere around the country oroverseas.   In our experience, virtual sessions these days are as good as face-to-face sessions due to the technology available with the use of zoom and screen sharing.

Each coaching session typically includes:

Organising Students - Image of university students

  • a catch up/check in– discussion around how the student is going at school and what they have been up to at both school and in life. There is a focus on their key challenges and successes too.
  • review of habits/actions and how they are tracking – from the outset a student determines the habits they wish to change, and in each session we discuss how they are following through and what is or isn’t working for them.
  • discussion around developing or strengthening skills – we discuss what skills, strategies or tools they need to learn or build upon to assist them at that particular point in time.
  • agree on action items– at the end of each session we finish with a review of action items the student needs to commit to between now and the next session.

Are you ready to take the next step?

 If you are ready to take the next step in getting more organised and maximising your potential, please get in touch to learn how we can support you: get in touch or call 0409 967 166.