Parent coaching

Do any of the following sound familiar to you as a parent?

image of daughter at a desk being watched by her mum at the door

You have a child, who is currently a student (primary, secondary or tertiary), and you are really not sure how you can support them?  You have a variety of burning questions that you’d love answers too or you are seeking specific advice on how to deal with certain situations.

Your questions might include:

  • my child has started secondary school and they don’t seem to want to listen to me or take my advice anymore – how should I communicate?
  • how can I be sure my child has made friends – how do I tell?
  • I am struggling to cope with helping my child with their homework primarily due to a lack of time – what do I do?
  • my child won’t do their homework – how do I get them to do it?
  • what amount of homework is normal in high school as my girls are nearly always working with little downtime?
  • how do I know if my child has the right skills for studying and revision?
  • I’d love to know how I can help my child & keep an eye on what he’s doing when all his homework is computer based?
  • how do we manage our child’s use of technology?
  • my child is in year 11 or 12 and I don’t think they are putting in enough effort with their work and study – what can I do?
  • my son or daughter always leaves there homework until the last minute – how do I get them to change this?
  • what do I do when my child procrastinates and won’t do their homework?
  • what advice would you give when your child is disappointed with their own marks?
  • my child seems really overwhelmed and I am not sure how to help?
  • what do I do if my child is not very good with managing their time?
  • my child is always irritable, snappy and stressed or quiet and withdrawn – what can I do to change that?
  • what are different methods we could use to challenge or extend my child?
  • I am not really sure how to support my child as it was different to when I was learning.

Do you find yourself nodding as you read these questions as they sound familiar to you?   These are actually real questions that I am asked by parents all the time and are very common to real life situations that parents need assistance with.

Well you too can get support to help your child!


Parent Coaching – 1:1

Consultations for parents can be offered, over the telephone or online, to answer your own burning questions so that you can support your child during their education and put them on a path to success at school and in life.  Naturally each parent has their own unique situation and our discussion & any responses are tailored to suit your individual needs and that of your situation with your child/children.  All consultations and information provided will be kept confidential.

You will be provided with tips and strategies to assist you to support your child not matter what age or stage they are in at school.  Parent support consultations offered can be for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour.

image about the student success program with better organisation leading to increased success and less anxiety

In many cases you will be able to take this information and use it to support your child.   However should they require further assistance you might like to consider our Student Success Program.  This is a program where we offer individualised support and work 1:1 with students to get them to take responsibility for their school work, activities and time.

Are you ready to take the next step and book a consultation?

To find out more please   get in touchor give me a call on 0409 967 166



Don’t just take our word for the success of these sessions see below:


“Amanda provided my husband and I with really useful tips and strategies that we have found useful to share and put in place with our daughter who is moving into senior years at secondary school” 
Parent, Maribyrnong College

“Thank you for your advice on how to motivate my son to focus on his school work and to avoid distractions – you provided some practical tools for us to try and we are pleased to report we are seeing changes in attitude and behaviour” 
Parent, St Bernards College