Student Wall Planners

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Several years ago now I introduced my first Student Wall Planner and am delighted to say it is now used by many students!

As a result of feedback we now have 3 different reusable laminated options available for students specifically designed to assist them to manage their time and tasks.

For many years we had been searching for the right whiteboard planner to assist students only to find at the time there was nothing in the market, or if there was, they weren’t really designed or suited to the needs of secondary school and university students.  Hence the decision to design our own and make them available to students.

All student planners are not dated (there is a place to include dates) so they can be used over and over again.

Key Benefits to Students

The benefits of using the Student Wall Planners for students are:

  • they are visual so they can see time which which is essential in order to manage it
  • able to plan their time and manage their tasks, other activities & free-time
  • to create an effective homework/revision & study routine
  • allowing them to be more independent and have greater responsibility for managing their own learning & time
  • not having to rely on their memory leaving space for their learning instead
  • not forgetting or leaving tasks until the last minute or not completing at all
  • having more confidence when preparing for tests, assessment tasks and examinations.
Organising Students - The purpose of using a planning tool

All students should be using some form of a planning tool and these are the three options we have available.