Student workshops for primary and secondary

Amanda is committed to educating students of all ages through a variety of organisational based school workshops tailored to the relevant year levels.   With her enthusiasm and common sense approach she regularly speaks to students sharing her tips and strategies to assist with organisation, time management and study skills.

No matter what aged audience Amanda speaks to students always go away positive and with plenty of knowledge to enable the implementation of any changes to enhance their academic success.

Workshop Topics and Programs

Amanda has a variety of school workshops/programs for junior and senior year levels.  Naturally any of these workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of both the students and the school.  Please keep reading below for sample workshop topics.

Student success foundations


YEAR 6 Students

Taking the Leap to Secondary School workshop – one of Amanda’s signature workshops that she conducts across primary schools in Victoria.  Find out more

YEAR 7 Students (can also be tailored for other year levels including Years 8 & 9)
You’ve started secondary school now what?  Organisation, time management and study skills

Success as a senior student

YEARS 9-10 (ideally but can be done for Years 11 & 12) 
Reaching your full potential @ secondary school

YEARS 9-12
Growing better study habits 

YEARS 9-12
Exam success – tips and strategies to success 

Getting Organised for life after secondary school

All students


Full term program or individual modules available for all secondary school levels
Specific study skills sessions

Amanda’s other signature talk
The importance of time management and organisation for students

To see a detailed list of all the above workshops and their content please click on the flyer image.

If your school is ready to to conduct workshops for students assisting them to be more organised and maximise their potential then please   get in touch or call 0409 967 166.



School partnerships


Mt Alexander College school logoAmanda works with many schools to support the whole community – students, parents and teachers with a wealth of organising, time management and study skills.  She is particularly delighted to be in partnership with Mount Alexander College

“The study skills sessions facilitated by Amanda Lecaude at Organising Students strive to build up positive learner attitudes towards working hard, but smart, by using various study skills and techniques – there are significant benefits for not only the students, but subsequently, for teachers as well” – Megan Rawlins, Assistant Principal

After a recent workshop I conducted with Entry Level students (Year 7) it was pleasing to see this immediate impact of my session whereby a student was cleaning out his locker!