Exams – being organised is key for students

It is that time of year again as students are about to undertake exams across many year levels including Year 12.

Being organised really is the key for students at this time as it not only assists the process but helps with stress and anxiety levels as well.

Here are 10 tips to assist:OY-Page-Student-2

  1. Start preparing early – the key is to start exam preparation as soon as you can so that you increase your chances of feeling confident of going into the exam on the day.  If you haven’t started to do this then put a plan of action into place now.
  2. Create a study environment – this should be a space that is well lit and where you can work effectively free of interruptions and distractions.
  3. Make a study plan – by putting together a workable study timetable you will increase your sense of control over the process and it will help you use your time more efficiently.  Be realistic and also factor in some down time.
  4. Organise and declutter – Clear your study area of anything that is not currently required to assist you study.  Removing excess clutter will avoid you becoming distracted.
  5. Organised your study materials – make sure you keep materials for each subject together including notes, handouts, books
  6. Having the right supplies – make sure you have all the necessary school supplies at your finger tips and don’t need to go searching for them.
  7. Don’t cram – it is better to do several reviews as that is more effective as the material will be reatined in your memory over an extended period rather than just one long cram session.
  8. Your method of revision should consider the nature of the exams – this is really important as you need to prepare in the same way that you are going to be tested eg if it is a written exam then seek copies of similar exams and revise by going through these and making notes, sitting them under exam conditions and predict possible questions you might face.
  9. Limit distractions and in particular social media – turn off notifications and try to limit the use of devices during study sessions.
  10. Eat healthy snacks – try and snack on ‘brain food’ (eg nuts, tuna, fruit) and have this handy rather than grabbing food items high in sugar.  Make sure you also have water handy at your desk.

All the best for your exams – if you put in the effort with organisation, preparation and time then you are part of the way there!

For more detailed tips and ideas then please feel free to get in touch as I regularly work 1:1 with students – [email protected] or call 0409 967 166.