How to get started and on top of your holiday homework

We know school has finished, or is just about over for the year for most students, and the last thing you probably want to think about right now is completing your holiday homework.  Let us tell you it is important to do, particularly for those in senior years at school, and that you want to get on top of your holiday homework early!

No matter what year you might be heading into, if you have been assigned holiday homework, then you will need to complete it before you start back at the end of January or start of image of a boy doing homework - how to get started and on top of your holiday homeworkFebruary next year.  This is even more important for those students who will be starting Year 12 so you can avoid the nasty shock of doing very little and then being expected to be on top of your game from Day 1 when school starts.

Unfortunately most students will push holiday homework aside and not even start to look at it until maybe sometime the week before school goes back.  Don’t let this be you as it will just create unnecessary stress and pressure.  Whilst you are not expected to study for 8 hours a day over the holidays, it is important you do set aside time to prepare and complete what you have been assigned to do as a minimum.

When working with our current students we have highlighted they would be better to start now and spread out what they need to do by chipping away at it.  For may we have set them the a goal of trying to get most of it done prior to Christmas and then reviewing again just before they go back.  Do you think you could give that a go too?

So how do you get started and on top of your holiday homework? Steps to take:

  1. The first step in the process is to put together a list of all the holiday homework you need to complete and what you need to achieve.  By having a list it will make it much easier to make a start and ensure it all gets done.  You can then use your list as a checklist and cross off a completed task and easily see what you still have remaining.
  2. The second step is to work out what order you are planning to do it in and then allocate time to each task – naturally it is holidays so if you were planning to do a task tomorrow and something comes up just reschedule it until the next day or another time – you can be flexible!
  3. If you have a novel, or several to read, then the holidays allows you time to read them once and work out what is going on in the book, think about the ideas being raised and who the main characters are.  Reading them will put you in good stead so that when you start reading it in class next year it will assist with your learning and understanding of the book/s.  As our students will regularly hear us say it is about studying smarter not harder and this is one of those things you can do now when you have more time!
  4. If you have had a step up to the next year level it is also important to re read any notes you have taken to assist consolidating that knowledge now rather than not doing anything with them until you go back to school.

A few other things that you can do include:

  • going through your school notes from this past year and work out what materials you might like to reference again next year ie those subjects that you are continuing with and put them somewhere easily accessible.
  • working out where your dedicated study space, or spaces, will be and set them up ready to work at.  Purchase any necessary stationery, books or supplies you need.
  • and finally work out what tool/s you are going to use to assist you to manage your time ie planner, diary, calendar which could be paper or electronic.  Here’s some options for reusable whiteboard planners we have developed and using – we are seeing students finding these really help them to see more than a week at a time.

All we can do is to urge you to take notice of this advice and ensure you won’t be one of those students rushing to get your work done at the last minute.  For those of you in Year 12 it will be much better to start the year ahead wouldn’t you agree?

Now go and get started but also remember to enjoy the summer too!

For further information on how we might be able to assist you or your child please do get in touch for a chat.

If you have a child in Year 10-12 in 2023 you might also like to consider the Success as a Senior Student Workshop we are running online on 29 February 2024  – click here.