5 Ways to Support your Child through Year 12

If you have a child in Year 12 in 2023, then you know that life is about to shift gears — not only in their role as a student, but in your role as a parent too!  The final year of secondary schooling brings special challenges and opportunities.  Here are 5 Ways to Support your Child through Year 12 and make the most of this time.

Looking AheadOrganising Students - image students with a teacher - 5 Ways to Support your Child through Year 12

So much of Year 12 is oriented around the future.  As well as keeping an eye on upcoming deadlines and final exams, students are preparing to leave school as they explore job opportunities or apply for further education admission.

You can help your child prepare for the future by:

  • Familiarising yourself with your state’s Year 12 assessment process, scored and/or non-scored options as applicable
  • Encouraging your child to continue exploring options for their future by speaking to career advisors, undertaking work experience or attending tertiary open days
  • Getting to know the application processes and deadlines relevant to your child’s goals

There are lots of resources available for all these things — if you are unsure where to go for information, get in touch with your child’s school.

Focusing on Wellbeing

Organising Students - image of students relaxing - 5 Ways to Support your Child through Year 12

To work and achieve their best, students need a healthy body and mind.  Some tips for supporting wellbeing include:

  • Maintaining regular routines around exercise, bedtimes and digital device use
  • Encouraging goals and rewards along the way
  • Challenging negative thinking and keeping things in perspective

They will need reminding that an ATAR does not define them or their future!

Keeping Balance

Year 12 is a months-long journey, and your child will likely need guidance in achieving a sustainable study/life balance.  Depending upon your child and family’s priorities, you may need to have conversations about either continuing to pursue activities they enjoy or cutting down on some extra commitments.  This may also just need to vary at certain times particularly when it is a busy assessment period.

Stepping Back

This one can be the hardest one for parents—providing space for your child to take responsibility for themselves.  Year 12 is a big step up in students’ responsibilities and this is an important learning experience in itself.  If you, the parent, can provide your child space to use their own initiative and take action for themselves, you will be giving your child the opportunity to develop perseverance, resilience and independence.  This is just as important for their future as any ATAR score!

Being AvailableOrganising Students - image of a parent and child - 5 Ways to Support your Child through Year 12

Finally, while giving your Year 12 child some independence, the most important thing you can do is still to be there for them.  Continue to check in on how they’re going and make sure they know that you are always available for support—unconditionally.

If you feel that your Year 12 child would benefit from extra support this year, it’s not too late to get in touch with us at Organising Students.