Supporting students – 1:1 coaching sessions

As a result of COVID-19 (“corona virus”) everyone is living in a state of flux – each hour, each day we have seen changes and new rules being put in place in order to try and keep us all safe.

Recently we have seen students across Australia, and the world, spending time learning @ home as schools temporarily closed.  Many students have since gone back to school as we learn to live with COVID 19 and the new ‘norm’ when it comes to their education in 2020.  There is so much still unknown and uncertain and there may well be temporary school closures from time to time.  Should this happen students are likely to go back to learning @ home during closures.

Students well being continues to be paramount and should be the #1 focus.  Learning can be stressful and challenging at the best of times and it is important that students are equipped with all the tools & strategies to give them the best chance of continuing to succeed at school and in life.

In order to continue supporting students & parents during the pandemic, I have decided to offer a variety of one off 1 hour sessions 1:1 for students:

  • Be effective in your exam preparation’ ensuring students know and use the right tools & strategies in preparing for exams.
  • ‘Become an independent and effective learner’ ensuring students can navigate the new ‘norm’, stay motivated, focused, organised and use their time effectively when it comes to learning @ home or school.

More details on these sessions can be found in the images below.  These sessions are in addition to my usual Student Success Program that I offer and seems to be the one that thje majority of my new students take up.

For more information or to book a session please get in touch – email or call Amanda on 0409 967 166.

Flyer for being effective in exam preparation 1:1 student sessions - Organising StudentsFlyer for becoming an independent and effective learner - Supporting students & parents during the pandemic - Organising Students

To book a session, or to find out more on how I can support you and your child now or in the future, please get in touch.