Transition to Secondary School

Transition to secondary school is a significant event in the lives of students.  It is a time of immense change – physical, social and emotional wellbeing.  Loaded on top then comes the demand of adjusting to a secondary school environment including higher academic and organisation needs.

As we approach this transition period in the coming months into early 2016 (at least in the southern hemisphere) it is important to continue to communicate with your child and their school about what the upcoming process involves.  You might think to yourself we have all been through it and coped okay so what is all the fuss about.  Well that might be true however many children begin to feel anxious about this and what it all means for them as the time approaches.

The biggest piece of advice I can give to parents going through this change, having been through this myself as a parent last year, is to be positive, encouraging and have regular discussions with your child to see how they are feeling.

Some of the words the Grade 6 students have been sharing with me recently in my workshops in terms of their thoughts, feelings and expectations around going to secondary school next year are that they are:

  • worried;
  • anxious;
  • excited;
  • nervous;
  • curious;
  • homework – is there a lot?;
  • worried about they type of work and it being harder;
  • worried about getting lost;
  • subjects – excited by more opportunities
  • what will the teachers be like?; and
  • will I make friends easily.

These are all very natural feelings for these students at this time and they are certainly not alone.  You can be assured that most children are feeling the same no matter what school they go to and what secondary school they will be starting at in 2016.

Transtion-graphic for websiteIf you have a Grade 6 student or know of someone who does please share my upcoming workshop where we discuss these sorts of things as well as focus on time management and organisation.

As a mother and professional organiser I am experienced in working with grade 6 students through my interactive workshops which are aimed to assist students in what to expect, decrease their levels of anxiety and give them strategies for a successful transition.

You can attend a workshop with your grade 6 child – click here  for details.  

Alternatively if you have children at a Melbourne Primary School or in surrounding areas then please let me know the school details so I can contact their school to see if they might be interested to run a workshop.