Enjoy summer – organise your school work now

IMG_2727Now that exams are coming to an end for many students across the country, from high school to university, it is time for these students to enjoy some down time.  Or at least until it all starts all over again for many in the new year.

Some students will seek summer jobs, travel or just enjoy the sun and warmer weather – good luck to you!

I fondly remember this time of year and looking forward to quite a substantial break away from the books.

IMG_2729Before that can happen though you might be asking what do you do with all of your work, notes, books and school work clutter that is all around?

It’s a good idea to spend a bit of time now going through and organising your school work it all rather than putting it off and finding you still haven’t dealt with it and the summer or holidays are coming to an end.

Here are 5 tips to assist you:

  • Grab a recycling bin.
  • Sort items by subjects – get all of your school work from various places (desk, school bag, bedroom) and sort me into piles by subjects.
  • Identify items that you wish to keep – It is usually okay to throw out most notes and homework unless you might be studying a similar subject again in the future where you might like to have nots to refer to.  When sorting through you might want to look for any special assignments or work that you are really proud of and put them in a pile to keep. If you find a rather large project that might be too hard to keep then take a photo of it instead.  If you do decide to keep a bit of paperwork you can also look at scanning the documents and saving electronically instead.
  • Storing items – grab a binder or plastic folder and store any items you plan to keep together and label what year it is from.
  • Packing up – pack up all your spare stationery and supplies and if you are going to use it again start putting together a shopping list of items you need to replace

To be perfectly honest I don’t really ever recall going back and looking for any notes other than in my early years at work where I did refer back to a couple of my major assignments that I had kept.

Now that you have dealt with it go and enjoy your summer!

Ps for parents reading this it might be a good idea to give a copy of this to your child if relevant and get them to tackle this now rather than later!  

If you need further assistance with organising your children please get in touch to see how I can support you and your family in the area of student organisation – [email protected]