My Top 5 Useful Student Organising Resources

Here are my top 5 useful student organising resources that you might want to consider if you haven’t already for your children to use at school and at home.

zipper bindersMy Zipper Binder

This is my all time favourite and something I cannot recommend highly enough to assist a student to be organised at school.  Having a My Zipper Binder for each subject allows the student to easily find what they need within their locker quickly as well as assisting to keep their locker organised.

These are available in many colours at outlets including Big W and Officeworks.


expanding binderExpanding Binder Wallets

These wallets compliment the my zipper binders (above) or any other binder for that matter.  They are useful to carry supplies including pens, pencils, calculators and even text books.  Insert them into the front of any binder.  The beauty with these compared to plastic sleeves is that nothing will fall out.

These are available in clear or colour and can be sourced from most stationery outlets including Officeworks.


time timerTime Timer

A valuable resource for students to assist with time management.  It is great for not only measuring time but managing time as well.  The Time Timer helps students of all ages and abilities see and understand the passage of time.  Today this is particularly important as students are often surrounded by digital rather than analogue clocks.

It is available in many formats including an App.

You can purchase these on my website –  Time Timer 


CocoonGrid It

Great idea for students to organise the ‘little stuff’ in their lockers or bags.  These Grid It’s are fantastic and have so many other uses for all the family. It is a unique weave of rubberised elastic straps made specifically to hold personal effects firmly in place.

I personally use a Grid It for all my cables and things I take with me when conducting workshops.

Available direct from Cocoon


mag_holder_soft_blue_1Magazine Holders

A magazine holder is a must for every student’s desk and assists to keep homework materials together.  It will assist a student to always put their homework and reference material in the one place at home so they always know where it is rather than leaving it lying around in different places.

These are available from most stationery stores and come in all range of colours and materials.


Please let me know if you have any other great organising products or resources for students that you would like to share.  

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