10 facts about Miky

Miky Smith is the newest member of the Organising Students team – here’s 10 facts about Miky that you might be interested to learn!

  1. I have a year 10 daughter and identical twin girls who just finished year 12. The twins have both been invited to the AIS to play Volleyball in 2024. All three children represented Australia, playing volleyball in 2023 (Thailand and China).
  2. We have three cats (Middens, Amba and Shadow) who each belong to one of our three children. We adopted them from a Cat shelter in Gloucester, Massachusetts. They made the voyage to Australia with us in 2021.
  3. My name has an usual spelling because my parents and brother all have names that are 4 letters, ending with a Y. My full name is Michelle andI don’t have a middle name.
  4. I thought I wanted to be a psychologist but missed out on Psychophysiology by 1 mark in VCE. I ended up doing Arts, with a Psychology and Media major. Psychology has been very helpful in understanding cognitive development.
  5. I am a visual and Kinesthtic  learner. I can bring to mind an entire essay, word for word and the memory lasts longer ifI have written it by hand. When I did drama, I would remember my lines by rewriting them and then repeating them while I went for a walk.
  6. I love using a whiteboard planner. Because I am very visual, I need to see a plan of the week as a whole picture. I also print monthly calendar pages and add everything by hand. 
  7. When I travel, I need to walk around the local streets immediately. I like to absorb everything about the new environment and everything intrigues me. I am always in search of local street art as it tells visual stories about the local community.
  8. My paternal grandmother turned 100 in November, 2023. She escaped Germany before WWI to avoid persecution by theNazis. She lives alone at the Old School House on the Never Never Creek Rd in the Promised Land, Gleniffer, NSW.It is a magical part of the world. 
  9. I am a messy person. I am actually very organised but I like to have everything out where I can see it. My husband, Nigel, has a different logic from me when it comes to organising (kitchen drawers, pantry, linen closet etc..) so neither of us can find anything when the other puts it away.
  10. We lived in Massachusetts for 5 years from 2016 to 2021. We decided to move for work and to give our daughters (then aged 8 and 11) a different life experience. It changed our world entirely. They all discovered volleyball there and now sport is the central theme of our lives.

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