5 student organising tips to stay organised

As you move through the school year it is much easier if you can stay organised.  Make sure these student organising tips are key to your daily routine which will help you to meet deadlines and also ensure you don’t forget something important.Image of a student working at her desk

Here are 5 student organising tips to assist:

  1. Use your planner or diary every day – I often refer to the fact that your planner or diary should be your best friend.  It should be where you record all of your day to day activities for school and also out of school activities like music or sport.  It is also useful to record important family events or activities as well as then it lets you see when you actually have time do do homework around them.  You should also be using your diary to record when homework is due and when you are actually going to do it.  Make sure you also include when you are having any tests or quizzes.  If you don’t use one then it really is time to start and get into the habit sooner rather than later!
  2. Regularly clean out your locker – rather than have loose papers floating around it is useful to regularly clean it out and bring anythign you no longer need home.  At home it is useful to have a binder with dividers per subject to store lose papers or topics that are not current but you might still need to refer to at some stage later. Remember to make sure your notes are dated.
  3. Regularly clean out your backpack or school bag – It is probably a good idea to get into a habit of doing this when you get home on a Friday after school so that you don’t lose any loose papers or permission slips.  You also want to ensure you haven’t left any old food or fruit in your bag as you would hate to discover it when it is too late!
  4. Keep your desk tidy – if you don’t do this regularly already it is useful to get into a good habit of clearing this space once you use it so that it is then ready for the next time you sit down to do your homework.  Make sure you have all your supplies easily accessible too.
  5. Limit the distractions around you – by doing this you are likely to be more effective in getting your homework done so that you can then spend time doing the things you want to do.  So remove ipods and other devices, as well as to turn of social media notifications from interrupting your work particularly if you are completing your work on a device or computer.

If you can stick to these student organising tips so they become part of your daily routine then you are doing well!  Good Luck!

For anyone struggling with these 5 issues then feel free to get in touch to find out more about my 1:1 student program where I work with students on these areas – [email protected]